Innomdle Lab, a South Korean startup spun out of Samsung’s incubator, is launching its first product called Sgnl— a watch-slash-wristband that can turn your fingers into a working phone receiver.

When paired with a smartphone, you can hear your all your phone calls by touching your finger to your ear; the vibrations travel down your wrist to your fingertip.

The device also has fitness tracking and notification functionality, and it can be fit to pretty much any analog or smartwatch or worn by itself. The audio quality was decent in my brief testing, and Innomdle says that Sgnl should be shipping in March, so we shouldn’t have long to find out how well it works in practice.

The Sgnl wristband lets users make phone calls using a finger

World’s first Body Conduction Unit (BCU) would now make it possible to receive calls through your fingertips. The technology is in development phases and set to release this year post-March. The device is hoped to revolutionise wearable technology.

The Sgnl wristband would let Humans receive phone calls through hands
Sgnl is a smart strap that users can wear and make calls by placing their fingertips on their ear. Connect with your watch to upgrade it.

The device is derivative of Samsung’s C-Lab. It is being showcased in Las Vegas at CES 2018 along with other similar spin-offs.

People at the event who had a chance to wear and test the device were able to listen to music as they placed their fingertip, of the same hand they were wearing the Sgnl on, near their ear. Although, the main idea behind the product is not listening to music but to have a phone conversation.

Sgnl is a new smart strap that enables users to answer a phone call through their fingertip. Place your fingertip near your ear while you speak to the caller using the embedded microphone. Take off your old smartwatches, get the Sgnl and hola, you are a step ahead!

Honestly, everybody has lost their earphone in their lifetime atleast once. With the Sgnl, you can now keep your cell phone right in your pocket and use your fingertip to answer a phone call without having to carry an extra headset or earphone. When a user places their finger near their ear, the finger not only transmits the sound but also blocks out any background noise. So you can now hear a very clear voice in loud places without worrying about all the people around.

How does it work?

The Sgnl works in a few simple steps. It transmits the vibrations from your wrist to your fingertips via your bones. Yes, it sends vibrations through bones! And when you place your fingertip next to your ear, it converts the transmission into sound which you can hear. One advantage of this product is that no one except will be able to listen to the vibrations except you so you can receive the phone calls safely. It also means that you would no longer to take out your mobile phone from your pocket.

The Sgnl technology not only can make calls but do other important stuff as well. It can also work as a pedometer, sleep monitor, fitness tracker and has many apps which can be integrated with it. Sgnl’s strap can affix with any traditional watch or wristband.

It can store up to five contacts through which phone calls can make using the primary Sgnl’s interface. Although, later it’s assumed to get updated and store more than five contacts. It also means until that happens, the users will have to take out their phones for phones calls other than those five.

The product is water resistant and is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices. It features a battery life of four hours of phone call and up to four days in the standby mode.

When synced with the Sgnl app, the strap also acts similarly to a Fitbit – monitoring users’ health by tracking their daily activities and workout patterns and counting their steps with a built-in pedometer.
Right now, it’s in a nascent stage, but we all are excited for this new technology and waiting for its release.

Source: Sgnl via Engadget