The magic in the hands of an artist can do wonders. They draw diligent and realistic paintings which we all compliment. Sometimes they look so real that it makes people wonder how can this be even true?

“The artist is the medium between his fantasies and the rest of the world.”

Hence he connects with both — the dreams and their reality.

Although this life has loss, confusion and gross authenticities, still an optimistic artist draws an excellent and constructive picture out of it. Like writers and poets, artists also reflect the society he lives in. It is up to them how they paint the picture of their cultures. It is up to the artists to write the history in a way that if the next generation ever look back, they get to know their previous generation well and get a positive image.

No matter how ugly the ambience is, a good artist still finds out the beauty in any of its corners. A good artist not only veils the flaws but also sheds light on what needs to be changed and corrected.

We have created a beautiful collection of 30 most amazing double exposure portraits by the French artist Nevess.

Desipte his young age, the way he perceives things is not less than that of an adult. He is an excellent artist whose art can inspire adolescents and teach themhow they can be relatively good in their respective fields.

The use of his mind genuinely bedazzles me —the way he netted together two viewpoints adding up smoothly like a part of the same scenario. The blending of colours and the composite of two ideas really amaze the viewers.

Without wasting any more of time, shooting the amazing collection of multiple exposure photography right your way!

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